The Order of Universal Interfaith (OUnI)

A path for
Interfaith (Multifaith)-Interspiritual-Integral
service to all...

A Home to interfaith-interspiritual-integral community
"inclusive theology, inclusive spirituality and inclusive consciousness"
The "Touch of the Divine".
One symbol to represent ALL symbols

The Order of Universal Interfaith (OUnI) is an organized religious body providing an
ecclesiastical home for interfaith, interspiritual and integral men and women from all faith
and spiritual paths, cultures and ethnic groups while promoting "inclusive theology,
spirituality and consciousness."  While the world is going through a transformation of its
outlook of spirituality and religion, our institutions and governments are not keeping up
with the radical changes taking place.  OUnI was created as one "ecclesiastical body" for
spiritual people of all faiths to be a bridge that brings credibility and accreditation to those
who want to serve the world spiritually.  Everyone in OUnI works to find opportunities to
facilitate and promote "interfaith dialogue" between all religions of the world.  OUnI also
seeks to go one step more and try to live those values by being together in a single body that
provides a  common identity to the family of human spirit, yet honors the differences and
unique spiritual expression that sustains each member.  From its
founding OUnI members
have tried to live "interfaith as a spiritual expression." Those who are part of OUnI serve
the world through a variety of
callings, including chaplaincy, education and community-
building. OUnI works to assemble the
body of literature and facilitate annual scholarly and
spirit-based conferences (
Big I Conference) that highlights the best practices of interfaith
and human spirituality from around the world
, educates the general public, and also defines
the calling
and compiles the apologetic to serve the world with interfaith-interspiritual-
integral values.  

The Order is also the umbrella for
eight non-ecclesiastic communities that emphasize
different practices and activities that live with and move these values forward in the world:

Community of The Mystic Heart (CMH)
integral Spirituality Nexus (iSN)
Universalus Interspiritual Community (UIC)
Order of the People's Monks (O.P.M.)
Community of Holistic Theology (CHTh)
Tau Community of Interspiritual Franciscans (TCIF)
Tau Community of Saint Francis (TCOSF)
Community of Cosmo-centric Spirituality (CCS)

At this time over
500 people on five continents have pledged and are serving through OUnI
and its spiritual communities.  Many have contributed to this short but rich vision and

Professional Ecclesiastical Service to All Faith and Spiritual Paths

All individuals who pledge to The Order receive canonical stature based on their desire,
education and training.  The categories of service include ordained or co-ordained Interfaith
(Interspiritual or Integral) Cleric and Minister, Celebrant, Aspirant, 'Wisdom Keeper' from
other traditions, and Wayfarers (laity). Clergy ordained through other traditions may
request a co-ordination if they desire, or can be part of the rich interfaith and interspiritual
communities.  Lay leaders may receive the stature of "Brother" or "Sister" if they believe it
assists their calling and ministry.

Clergy who choose a "Co-Ordination" for Interfaith, Interspiritual and/or Integral ministry
usually come from the world's interfaith, multifaith, interspiritual, and integral
seminaries.  With demonstrated life practices, co-ordained clergy can also come from single-
path seminaries and programs which have been supplemented by other training and
education.  All co-ordained clergy are called to a path of service to all people in activities
such as hospital, hospice, education, community and government service and

OUnI clergy and lay members are now serving literally around the world.

Rich Spiritual Expression

All service by OUnI-ordained or co-ordained clergy and lay leaders is based on the principles
Universal Interfaith (UnI).  These principles are summarized by the initials which are
pronounced "You and I."  On January 2, 2009, the Board of Directors approved the first
Statement of Faith" which articulates the principles of Universal Interfaith.  

communities within OUnI that honor a deeper expression of the teachings of traditional
paths and spiritual visionaries.  The communities give all who participate in the Order the
chance to have a fruitful and blessed daily spiritual practice according to the needs of their
heart and soul.

A Leader in the Growing Interfaith (Multifaith)-Interspiritual-Integral

OUnI is the founding member and organizing administrator for the new ecclesiastical body
that will hold and support the Interfaith-Multifaith-Interspiritual movement which includes:
Council of Interfaith Communities of the US (CIC-USA)
World Council of Interfaith Communities (WCIC)

What is "Interfaith?"

In keeping with the definitions approved in August 2009 by the Board of Directors of the
Council of Interfaith Communities of the U.S., the term "Interfaith" is now used to refer to:

1) the spiritual practices that promote dialogue between religions;

2) the worship and service based on the rites, beliefs and practices of the
world's religions and new revelations as they are revealed;

3) the shared worship and community building between spiritual people
from a variety of faith paths and traditions; and

4) all other activities that have been described through terms such as
"multifaith," "interspiritual," "intrareligious," "transpath," and "omnispiritual."  

What is "InterSpirituality?"

Brother Wayne Teasdale coined the word "Interspirituality" in 1999.  The following short
definition combines his, given in his book
The Mystic Heart:  Discovering a Universal
Spirituality in the World's Religions,
with that of the first interspiritual community under
the OUnI umbrella:  

Interspirituality:  The common heritage of humankind's spiritual wisdom; the sharing of
mystical resources across traditions; the intersubjective discussion about what humankind
is experiencing; the movement of these discussions to the experience of Oneness.

Joining the Community of The Mystic Heart invites you into a dynamic discussion of what is
unfolding worldwide through interspirituality.  This is a formative time for CMH (originally
founded as Brother Wayne Teasdale's "Universal Order of Sannyasa") and a time when you
can be part of what is evolving in interspirituality, and interspiritual community, at such a
crucial time for the world.

Joining the Universalus Interspiritual Community (Baltimore, Maryland USA) allows the
seeker to find a physical community with a wide variety of practices and growth geared to
all people and all faith paths.

What is "Integral Spirituality?"

Integral Spirituality, as articulated by American philosopher and visionary, Ken Wilber, is
the combining of a spiritual lifestyle based on one continuing on the spiritual path or
religion which one is on with the knowledge of the "states and stages" of the Integral Life
Practice. This vision was described in the seminal work,
Integral Spirituality:  A Startling
New Role for Religion in the Modern and Postmodern World.  There are many different
"flavors" of Integral Spirituality based on the initial faith path the practitioner is walking
in their life.  There is even an evolving "Universal Integral Spirituality" that calls for one
to walk multiple paths and/or in the common elements of all the world's religions.

Explore our website and learn about our mission, vision, and contributions to the world, and
our relationship to the Interfaith community.

May love, peace and blessings be yours,
Rev. Joyce Liechenstein M.Div. Ph.D. OUnI
Secretary General of The Order

Updated: February 2
9, 2012
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OUnI is a member of
the North American
Interfaith Network.  The
Order was an invited
speaker to NAIN
Connect 2010 in Salt
Lake CIty, UT USA.
OUnI was a presenting  
organization at the
Parliament of World Religions
in December 2009. (Held
every 5 years)
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OUnI members created and
run the United Nation's
World Interfaith Harmony
Week Breakfast program all
over the world.
OUnI members are part of the
United Nation's Eco-Spirituality
Working Group and leadership
in the NGO: Center for Women,
Earth and the Divine.
OUnI members are
founders and leaders of the
national program to honor
the Chaplains serving after
the attacks of September
11, 2001
OUnI members founded
and guide the Big I
Conference to highlight
and document  the newest
ideas and the best
practices of interfaith,
integral and
interspirituality in the world