THIS DECLARATION, made on the date hereinafter set forth by THE ORDER OF UNIVERSAL
INTERFAITH, hereinafter collectively referred to as “The Order”.


WHEREAS, Founding Members of The Order are interested in serving others without regard to
their individual religious practices during crisis, medical, and education periods of other lives.

WHEREAS, Founding Members of The Order are interesting in preserving a model of Interfaith
service for all humanity.  

NOW, THEREFORE, The Order hereby declares that the following to be a common set of
principles and beliefs that define and determine appropriate conduct for all members of The Order.


Service to All of Divine Creation

All life is the creation of Divine processes that may or may not be understood, but which must be
respected with dignity and compassion by all members of The Order.


Every Human Has Their Own Divine Interpretation

Every human being has been given their own unique interpretation of Divine processes and their
own relationship to the Divine.  Even members of specific religions, and denominations within
religions, have different shades of interpretation on some theological issues and conduct.  No two
humans should be considered exactly alike in their beliefs.  All members of The Order should
respect the personal belief systems of every other human being, so long as it maintains dignity and
compassion for others.


The Principle of Universal Interfaith Service

While in the conduct of service towards others, all members of The Order shall strive to transcend
beyond their own belief system to understand and support the recipient based on the recipient’s
spiritual needs and interpretations.

Approved January 2, 2009 in New York City, New York  USA
(c) 2009 by the Order of Universal Interfaith