Council of Interfaith Congregations
of the United States

Edited by Rev. Julie Williams, Ph.D. OUnI

An online and printed magazine that shares articles from the world's faiths and from Interfaith and
Interspiritual perspectives for all lay and clergy members of congregations and seminaries of the
CIC-USA and the World Council of Interfaith Congregations

Volume 1, Issue 1
Winter 2010

Honoring the Darkness – the Gifts of Winter
 Sharon Gervasoni, UOS OUnI

Interfaith Marriage and the Lessons of Life
 Claire Goodman

A Healing Angel
Dr. Barry King

The Yogic Path
 Diane Finlayson, UOS OUnI

In the Darkness I Find You
 Andie Rudolph, UOS OUnI

Learning to Ride the Waves
Lisa B. Kay

A New Year
 Leslie DelGigante, OUnI

Muhammad's Birthday:  Mawlid an-Nabi
Loah Grace Swanson

Untitled Poem
Anne Dykers