Council of Interfaith Congregations
of the United States
Question:  Who is the current leadership of this organization?

Leadership is elected by the member congregations to the Board of
Directors and
board representatives are elected to the officer positions
of the association.  The current founding
organizations on the Board of
Directors includes:

Rev. Dr. Robert Salt (Chairperson)
Menomonie Interfaith Fellowship, Menomonie, Wisconsin

Rev. Teri Kierbel
A Place of Peace, Ventura, CA

Rev. David Bell, J.D.
Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth, Ann Arbor, MI

Rev. Jo Ann Barrett MSC, CASAC
Gathering of Light Multifaith Spiritual Fellowship, Long Island, NY

Rev. Jean Leone RN, MS, OUnI
Order of Universal Interfaith, Washington, DC

Rev. Pamela Parker
Interfaith Peace Ministries, Boston, MA

Rev. Dr. Diane Berke
One Spirit Interfaith, New York, NY

Virginia Hubbs
Chaplaincy Institute for Art and Interfaith Ministries (ChI), Berkley, CA