Council of Interfaith Congregations
of the United States

CIC-USA welcomes all independent religious bodies and ministries
designed to serve the general public with Interfaith spiritual values for
worship, service, education, and community building.  All
Interfaith-Multifaith-Interspiritual ministries that are incorporated as a
non-profit comply with the minimum requirements for membership.  Most
congregations have regularly posted meeting times.  CIC can assist
Interfaith Ministers in creating congregations.
Our online congregation,
Interfaith V.O.I.C.E. first aired Nov 25, 2009.

CIC-USA, through The Order of Universal Interfaith and through member
seminaries, is working to be the ecclesiastical endorser and to provide
training for Interfaith Ministers to serve others through all levels of
professional and volunteer institutional chaplaincy.

American Interfaith Artists Group (A.I.A.G.)
The Group is a non-profit ministry of clergy and lay members
who express, share, and educate the public about their interfaith values
and spirituality through their art.  Talents include singing, painting,
dance, writing photography, fabric, crafts, and other media.
Rev. Tammy Monroe is the director.

The Interfaith Spectrum Magazine
Rev. Dr. Julie Williams will edit a quarterly magazine on practical
Interfaith spirituality directed to the lay members of congregations and
those in hospital and hospice settings.  An Interfaith e-zine and print
version for all ages and backgrounds.

American Academy of Interfaith Counselors (AAIC)