Council of Interfaith Congregations
of the United States
Mission Statement:  To be the administrative  and ecclesiastical home for
independent interfaith / multifaith churches, congregations and seminaries in the
USA.  It is the ecclesiastic home for "Interfaith as a spiritual expression."

Vision:  To provide a synergy of energy and effort to promote and organize a body of
independent Interfaith / multifaith churches, congregations and seminaries to be:

1.  An ecclesiastic and administrative home that can umbrella 501(c)(3) status to emerging
interfaith/multifaith congregations.

2. An ecclesiastical endorser for professional chaplains to the military, Veterans Administration, professional
chaplains organizations and other entities requiring this credential.

3.  An ordaining body to interfaith seminary programs that meet the requirements (if necessary).

4.  A national home for emerging interfaith congregations to give them credibility within the community.

5.  A promoter of the "interfaith congregations" and "interfaith minister" identity.

6.  Join with the Open International Interfaith Ministries (OIIM) organization of Canada, and an organization
started by the International Academy of Interfaith Studies (IAIS) in Mexico along with Interfaith congregations in
Europe to form the "World CIC."

7. In collaboration with member organizations, determine and promote recognized Interfaith curriculum

8. In collaboration with member organizations, determine and promote recognized Interfaith Minister ethics
and codes of conduct.

9. Provide ecclesiastical oversight to member organizations and individuals within those organizations using
standards which will be determined by those groups in concert with CIC-USA.

10. Establish and maintain a universally recognized database of duly organized Interfaith Ministers and

11. To join national interfaith organizations such as NAIN and others.

12. Seek out, encourage and assist member organizations and individuals to further their education and

Question:  What must we believe to join?

There will be no specific statement of faith, only a statement of interfaith / multifaith / interspiritual principles to
guide the congregations.

Question:  What requirements are necessary for our congregation to join?

Your congregation must be incorporated as a non-profit within your state and have an EIN number from the

Question:  Where will we locate the address of CIC-USA?

We will incorporate CIC-USA in Washington, DC, at an address in the heart of the embassy and "church row"