Integral Spirituality Nexus
The Order of Universal Interfaith
partner community:
integral Spirituality Nexus (iSN)
American visionary and philosopher Ken Wilber wrote the book, "Integral
Spirituality" which gave the world a whole new lens to look at human
spiritual development.  Many spiritual people began to apply his principles
to their own faith and their religious organizations and churches creating
many different flavors of "integral spirituality."  In August 2010, OUnI and
leaders of the first
seminary program to train "Integral Ministers and
Mentors" created this non-ecclesiastic spiritual society. Its goal is to bring
together all spiritual integral practitioners regardless of their standing and
role into one place for fellowship and dialogue and to strengthen their own
walk in the world.  


/ˈnɛksəs/ Show Spelled[nek-suhs] –noun, plural nex·us·es, nex·us.

1.a means of connection; tie; link.

2.a connected series or group.

3.the core or center, as of a matter or situation.

4.Cell Biology . a specialized area of the cell membrane involved in
intercellular communication and adhesion.

Consider the implications of the definitions of "nexus" to the evolving
community of Integral spirituality.

Come here to ask questions, meet others looking for belonging when
outgrown religious paths no longer fulfill our core need to make sense of
reality, or when a random choice of spiritual practices calls us to seek out a
framework that is able to crystallize the 'intercellular communication" of
the deepest of all spiritual practices.

The iSN will be consecrated to world spiritual service and community
building on September 25, 2010, in Sedona, Arizona USA.  This will also be
the first initiation into the community.

If you are interested in joining this autonomous spiritual community within
the greater Interfaith-Interspiritual-Integral movement, then select the
option at this website's "
Join Us" link.  Members of iSN are welcome to
participate in all OUnI activities and can apply for canonical stature* from
OUnI to enhance their ecclesiastic professional standing.

The "Charge" to the members of iSN and to Integral Ministers from Mr. Ken

It is truly, a game; what dream walkers we all are!  Nothing ever really
happens here, nothing moves in time or space, it is all so painfully obvious
that I avert my eyes from the blinding truth. But here we are, You and I,
and it is You-and-I that is the form of Spirit in this and all the worlds.  For
in the entire Kosmos, there is only One Self; in the entire Kosmos, there is
only One Spirit--and thus the Self that is reading this page is the exact Self
that wrote it.

Let us then, You-and-I, recognize together who and what we are.  And I will
be with you until the ends of the world, and you will be with me, for there is
only One Self, which is the miracle of Spirit.  This is why we will be together
forever, You-and-I, in the world of the Many-That-Are-One, and why we
have never been separated.  Just as Consciousness is singular, and the Self
is One, and the Self neither comes nor goes, so You-and-I are that Self,
forever and forever and endlessly forever."

Wilber, 2003, Introduction to Collected Works, vol. 8, pp.137-138

Lynne Feldman, iSN OUnI (Wisdom Keeper to Universal Integral
Spirituality) is the "Administrator" of this emerging body.  She can be
contacted through her

Please learn more about this spiritual practice association at the official
website at:

*Integral Cleric and Minister, Celebrant, or Aspirant; Wisdom-Keeper; and,
Wayfayer (lay monk).