The Order of Universal Interfaith
Our OUnI community
The greater community of OUnI is made of a single ecclesiastic
body (OUnI) and different autonomous non-ecclesiastic
communities that add to the vision of creating inclusive places for
spiritual expression for all.  Participation in the ecclesiastic OUnI
is optional for members of these communities.  The communities of
the greater order now include:

Community of The Mystic Heart (CMH)
integral Spirituality Nexus (iSN)
Universalus Interspiritual Community (UIC)
Order of Peoples Monks (O.P.M.)  
Community of Holistic Theology (CHTh)

Community of Cosmo-centric Spirituality (CCS)
Tau Community of Saint Francis (TCOSF)
Tau Community of Interspiritual Franciscans (TCIF)


Pledgers to The Order have several ways to show the unity and the
sense of common purpose within the organization.  These small
signs of unity are supplemented by additional symbols, rites and
activities of the different spiritual "communities" that exist inside
The Order to cultivate individual spiritual expression.  The
general symbols for all pledgers to OUnI are:


Pledgers have the option and are encouraged to use the Touch of
the Divine symbol with its universal representation of:

DIVINITY: represented by the gold "Darshan" ("touch of the divine
in Sanskrit)
SPIRITUALITY: represented by the silver "Ruallah" ("spirit of
Allah" in Arabic)    
RELIGION: represented by the bronze "Ecclesia" ("church" in

It has three ripples on a pond and a horizon line to show the
reality (solid above) and mystical (reflection on the water) aspects
of faith.

Common Look

All statures have the option to wear a common look:

wear of the Touch of the Divine symbol
or the initials "OUnI" on a
piece of jewelry.  This can be a pendant of the Touch of the Divine
alone or with other religious symbols; or the initials engraved on a
wrist band or necklace, or beaded into a wrist bangle or necklace.

wear a white, green, lavender/purple or light blue polo shirt or
sweater with the Touch of the Divine symbol and the initials
"OUnI" embroidered,

clerics can wear a "reverse" tab collar of
blue/tan/lavender/purple/sage green
on a cleric shirt of white, green, lavender or light blue,

Post Nominal Identification

All who have gone through ordination are encouraged to use the
initials "OUnI" after their name. All forms of canonical stature can
use this identification. Members of the communities may use the
postnominal of their community based on the agreements made by
the community.


To be fully recognized as clergy or Wisdom-Keeper, the pledger
must go through a public ordination ceremony.  Provisional clergy
status and Wayfarer stature are given without the public ceremony.
All pledgers should stop all activity as close to 12 noon Eastern
time in the USA for 30 seconds of meditation, reflection or prayer
to be thankful and mindful of the community and our chance to


We want to encourage you to share your life with other in the
community through submissions to the newsletter published four
times a year.