The Order of Universal Interfaith

On January 2, 2009, three interfaith ministers, graduates from The New
with extensive training and education from other spiritual
paths, came together in a New York City coffee shop to incorporate the
vision to create one unified ecclesiastic support system--a new order--that
provides professional clergy support to all people of all faiths
and would
be a spiritual home for those seeking
.  Since the founders had
backgrounds in chaplaincy, the vision called for the "universal chaplain"
model for this work.  With continued life-long study and commitment,
members of the order would prepare to serve the world and its spectrum of
human spirituality.  The founders concluded that those willing to serve
the world
could be stamped with it own CO-ordination.

From the initial founding in 2009, through the first co-ordination and the
consecration of the first spiritual community in 2010, OUnI has grown.

There are now:

500 members
One ecclesiastic religious society
Six co-ordination ceremonies
Eight non ecclesiastic spiritual communities
Nine named "

Founders of OUnI:

Rev. Tim Miner M.Div. OUnI, provided the first public call to form a
unique religious order for all people of all faiths.  He is a certified (ICPC)
law-enforcement chaplain for local and federal officers,
chaplain-organizer and trainer for the Department of Health and Human
Services, and a chaplain candidate with the USAF Auxiliary Civil Air
Patrol.  Rev. Miner became the first Secretary of The Order.

Rev. Jean A. Leone RN M
S OUnI, is licensed as a CALA through the
Department of Health and Senior Services.  She is presently the
Executive Director and Administrator for Holy Name Medical Center,
Hospice and Palliative Services, Home Health-Telehealth, and Adult
Medical Day Away.
 Her passion is for the implementation of a unified
model of "interfaith pastoral care" training.  She became the first
Secretary General of The Order and served from the founding until
December 2011.  She now holds the title of Secretary Emeritus of The

Rev. Dr. Thomas Downes OUnI, is a law-enforcement chaplain and a
member of the United Nations NGO for Spirituality and Values.  He was
a Franciscan monastic and is a founder of Interspiritual Dialogue'n
Action (ISDnA).  Rev. Downes became the first Vice Secretary of The

Founders of Spiritual Community:

Rev. Dr. Kurt Johnson CMH, is the founding administrator of the
Community of The Mystic Heart.  As an associate of Br. Dr. Wayne
Teasdale, he co-founded Interspiritual Dialogue, now ISDnA.  He is a
board member of an interfaith seminary and active in UN NGO  
spirituality and eco-spirituality activities.  Dr. Johnson's vision to unite
non-ecclesiastic community within the OUnI umbrella in late 2009 led to
the current structure of the organization.

Rev. Lynne Feldman J.D. iSN, was an executive educator for integral
education in the United States.  She is one of the first two "integral
ministers" in the world.

Rev. Ed Geraty UIC is the founder of the first geographically located
interspiritual community building activity in Baltimore Maryland.

Brother Dyron Holmes O.P.M. is an interfaith minister and artist
building a live-in facility for interfaith education and artisit outreach in
New York City, NY.

Rev. Beverly Love CHTh, is an educator and spiritual director of a
world-wide education program for holistic theology.

Brother Tom Cumminsky TCOSF is an interfaith minister and
interspiritual community builder in Asheville, NC.

Rev. Dr. Theodore Richards CCS is a graduate of Wisdom University and
an educator in interfaith seminary programs.  He is a published author
calling for an eco and cosmic-centric spirituality in the world.  He is
engaged in ministering and educating troubled youth in Chicago.