The Order of Universal Interfaith
pledge to OUnI application

Do you have the desire to serve others?  Do you have an interest in
the world's faith paths and those who walk them?  Are you willing
to make the world a better place for all spiritual people?

If you have the calling to join with us in our vision of service to
people of all faith paths please contact our Corresponding
Secretary by telling us something about you.  

Thank you.  We are honored by your interest and desire to serve.

Before you sign up please know the following:

We are asking you to make a serious spiritual commitment to
service.  Consider making this Order a spiritual part of your life.

Unfortunately, every organization requires money to do its work in
the world. As a member of the congregation, we will ask you to
please make an annual pledge and monetary donation as you are
able to help your community.  However, we believe that your time
and service are the most important contribution to the world.  
No one is refused the chance to serve over money .

We will ask you to please embrace the
statement of faith as the
minimum guide for your service.  Those who are pledging to one of
the communities will have additional vows.

We will ask you to please proudly
display that you are part of the
community in some fashion.

If you are still interested in being part of us, as we become part of
your life, please, tell us about yourself:
Your name including all titles:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
Mailing Address
Your religious education to this
Your secular education to this point
Your past spiritual journey,
your present service, your future
spiritual goals:
Your birthday is:
Your primary faith path / religion today is:
Please respond checking "Yes" or "No" to the following:
I pledge to accept and abide by the "Statement of Faith" :






I pledge to accept The Order's community activities  :
I will pledge/donate financially to The Order annually:
I am willing to share my personal contact info with the other
members of The Order:
At this time, we are aware that some computer browsers may show an error
message when you submit this.  We have usually received the application but we
ask you to contact us to make sure that we received your work.   Thank you.