The Order of Universal Interfaith
Ordinations and Awards

To be fully recognized as clergy or Wisdom-Keeper, the pledger
must go through a public ordination / CO-ordination* ceremony.  

First Co-ordination Ceremony

The first public co-ordination ceremony took place in Washington,
DC, USA on January 9, 2010.  During that time 25 clergy were
ordained/co-ordained to the stature of "Interfaith-Interspiritual
Cleric and Minister."  Two Wisdom Keepers were co-ordained:  Rev.
Anthony Farmer, OUnI, for the Neo-shaman path and Dorothy
Cunha for the Pachicutia Mesa Shaman path.  Three Aspirants
from two seminaries and one Wayfarer were welcomed into The
Order.  These thirty individuals all became the first pledgers to
OUnI that would come together to consecrate the creation of the
Universal Order of Sannyasa (now called the
Community of the
Mystic Heart) community along with 45 others located around the

During this first ceremony, the first class of recipients (5 total) of
the "Interfaith Interspiritual Sage" Award was named:

Father Bede Griffith
Posthumous Award.

Brother Dr. Wayne Teasdale
Author of the book (1999), "The Mystic Heart," which defined the term "interspiritual" and
called for the creation of the Universal Order of Sannyasa.  Posthumous Award.

Father Thomas Keating
Founder and leader of the Snowmass, Colorado organization: Contemplative Outreach, LTD. A
writer and teacher of mystic Christian contemplative tradition.

Rev. Dr. Huston Smith
Author of numerous books on the world's religions including the seminal textbook for all
students, "The World's Religions." He also wrote the 1976 book, "Forgotten Truth: The Common
Vision of the World's Religions."  Award presented in his home in California in February 2010.

Alison Davis
Creator and first leader of "The Universal Third Order" in 1986.

On April 23, 2010, a sixth member of the first class of sages was
named.  The award was presented in New York City on the
occasion of his 98th birthday.

Rabbi Joseph H. Gelberman, Ph.D.
Founder of the first Interfaith Seminary in the world.

Second,third and fourth co-ordinations

On June 20, 2010, the size of the organizations doubled with
ceremonies for OUnI and CMH at the Integral Yoga Institute in
New York City.  Four new Wisdom Keepers were given their
statures.  They included:  Rev. Dr. Kurt Johnson, CMH OUnI for
Interspirituality, Rev (Rabbi) Roger Ross OUnI for Spiritual
Judaism, Rev. Joyce Liechenstein OUnI for Mystic Christianity,
and Lynne Feldman OUnI for Integral Spirituality.  Clergy and
Aspirants from five different school programs pledged.  

On July 17, 2010, the first international ceremony took place in
London, England at the ordination ceremony of the Interfaith
Institute.  There were pledgers to both OUnI and the CMH.

The final ordination/co-ordination took place in September 2010 at
the consecration of the second "house of the Order," the Sanctuary
of the Companions in Sedona, Arizona USA.  At that time,
Reverends Lynne Feldman and Michael Pergola became the first
"Integral Ministers" in the world and the "integral Spirituality
Nexus (iSN)" was born.  Rabbi (Rev) Rami Shapiro OUnI and Juka
Lauren Melnikow OUnI became Wisdom Keepers.  
At this time, the
final Sage of the Order for the first class, Ken Wilber, was named.

Ken Wilber, Ph.D.
Author and Founder of Integral Spirituality.

* Why does OUnI do a co-ordination ceremony for graduates of the seminary
programs?  OUnI respectfully acknowledges the ordination given by individual
interfaith seminaries to serve the divine as they see it but believes that there must
be a public declaration of intent to serve a particular ministry.  To those who pledge
to OUnI, its CO-ordination expands the scope of an interfaith minister's ministry to
include the whole "interfaith-multifaith-interspiritual" movement.  OUnI's co-
ordination is an acknowledgment to the world and to the Interfaith-Interspiritual
Cleric and Minister that their canonical stature as clergy is recognized by not only
their own school, but by other peers from all the participating schools and those
deemed worthy of "equivalency education" for ordination. It represents a "universal
ordination" from the whole movement, something no individual school can provide.