Who we are
The Order of Universal Interfaith
The Order of Universal Interfaith (OUnI) is a single ecclesiastic
order with non-ecclesiastic spiritual communities organized around
common practices and views.  One doesn't have to participate in
OUnI while being a member of the communities though every
member of the communities are considered members of OUnI.

JOINING The Order of OUnI

Those who pledge to The Order willingly serve all based on the
faith path or spiritual preferences of the recipient.  To do so
requires a desire to serve and grow personally and professionally, a
willingness to continuously learn about and experience the many
faith paths of the world, and the self-confidence to set aside their
own path and transcend to become inclusive when in the act of
service so that they can support the needs of the recipient.  Since
the important thing is the vows of spiritual service that each
person makes, The Order has no members, only "pledgers."

The core values asked of every member of The Order are:

Service         Self improvement          Humility

All pledgers commit to increase their level of training and
certifications to the highest levels possible for the good of all of
humanity.  There are five
classes of pledgers within The Order who
receive their designations based on training and education.  The
Order will create training programs to help increase the impact of
interfaith ministries.  Many clergy members ordained or
co-ordained by The Order earn college and university-awarded
education and professional degrees, or they are currently enrolled
in these programs.  Many clergy members participate in
professional organizations such as
A World Alliance of Interfaith
Clergy, the Association of Professional Chaplains, the College of
Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy, the American Academy of
Religion, or the International Conference of Police Chaplains.  

Both clergy and lay pledgers may affiliate with another religious
body including a specific religion, however, many commit to the
OUnI community as their spiritual home and their authority to
serve.  The Order is expanding its work with laity with the
creation of the
Council of Interfaith Communities of the US
(CIC-USA) which will create the ecclesiastic home for
interfaith-multifaith interspiritual congregations and community

The Order is an independent 501(c)(3) spiritual community with
regularly elected leadership-and every cleric member of the Order
is expected to assume a leadership position within the organization
at sometime during their lifetime if possible.  On January 2, 2009,
the Board of Directors of OUnI selected the Reverend Jean A.
Leone, RN, MS, OUnI, from New Jersey as its Secretary General to
serve for the first two-year term of office.  On December 16, 2011,
the Board selected Rev. Dr. Joyce Liechenstein OUnI as the second
Secretary General of The Order.

On October 25, 2009, the
Peace House of Columbus, Ohio, became
the first consecrated "house of The Order" where all members are
welcome to stay, worship, work and participate in community
activities.  Many more are planned around the United States.

At the September 25, 2010 ordination/co-ordination of OUnI and
initiation into the communities, a second "house of The Order" was
placed into service.  This is the "Sanctuary of the Companions" a
former Buddhist lamastry located in Sedona, Arizona USA.

Members use the "
Touch of the Divine" symbol of UnI to represent
the order and have a unique clergy look for quick identification
during crisis situations.