What is Universal Interfaith (UnI)?
What is the symbol of UnI?
How can I join and participate with others in UnI?

What is Universal Interfaith (UnI)?

For many years, interfaith was seen as a verb, an action of
one faith path talking to and dialoguing with another.  Many
still see this.  But not all...

Universal Interfaith, abbreviated as UnI (pronounced as
"You-and-I") is a way of viewing the world's different  
religious communities as part of a greater whole.  The basic
principle of UnI is that our spirituality is a fundamental part
of who we are as individuals and as humans.   Every human
being is given a spiritual "seed" that is their own gift from the
Divine.  Each of us has our own path and this is something
to be celebrated and honored.  This gift must be discovered,
accepted and nurtured through a lifetime.  Educating  about
different faith paths is encouraged and valued so that
everyone can enjoy and be nurtured by the many different
visions of the Divine and our relationship to the Divine. When
there is only one individual, there is only "a religion."
"Interfaith" comes only when there are two individuals
entering a discussion or relationship, hence the initials that
say "You and I."  UnI principles honor both paths or spiritual
perspectives as equally worthy as long as they do no harm or
disrespect to others and are compassionate.
When someone commits to serving others based on UnI,
then they willingly set aside their own faith path and
transcend to become something more so that they walk the
path or spiritual perspective of those they serve during a time
of need.  On January 2, 2009, the first approved "
Statement of
Faith" was published.

What is the symbol of UnI?

The symbol of the Universal Interfaith community is the
Touch of the Divine."  It is a representation of mankind's
relationship to the Holy.  The Divine touched "humanity"
represented by the golden circle at the center.  Like ripples
on a still pond, radiating out from the Divine touch is the first
wave of individual human spirituality which goes in every
direction and is represented by the silver circle.  It is our
individual spirituality that brings us closest to the Divine.  As
this "wave" travelled the world reaching outward, humans
formed many different religions represented by the bronze
circle.  The space between the silver and bronze waves
represents the many different ways that mankind has
organized into religions and it  describes an infinite number
of spiritual paths.  The
website for this symbol shows some
of the metaphors for it and its three themes of

How can I join and participate in UnI?

One way to participate in UnI is through service in the
religious community called the "
Order of Universal Interfaith".
  These ordained and lay members are sometimes called "The
Bridgers" for their commitment to bring people of all faiths

OUnI (pronounced "Oh-You-and-I") identifies membership in
the ecclesiastical religious community.  It represents the
spiritual vows taken in service to others based on UnI
principles.  Members provide spirit-based and faith-based
service to all of humanity which is freely-given on a
one-to-one basis based solely on the spiritual needs of the
recipient.  Members of the OUnI serve others to assist them
through life at important times along the journey.  Members
usually serve in hospitals, hospices, in education and
administration, based on their individual calling.

For more information on this community, please contact:

"He who knows one (religion), knows none." -- F. Max Muller

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